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Course curriculum

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    Learning this course is assured career with 4 earning options with one week effort.

    • The course Navigation - If you are comfortable with course navigation. You are great, go ahead.

    • Welcome Back to your School

    • Set Goal to complete this Course

  • 2

    Visualize Education Counselor

    • Think about counseling as a rewarding career part time or full time.

    • Career (Education) Counseling Is a 5000 cores business. (2020-21)

    • There is a need for you

    • The student is looking for admission

    • The professional counselor is needed to realize his dreams

    • Your counseling cycle to complete the process

    • Your choice at the end of the course

    • Test Your Learning "Starting"

  • 3

    About This Course

    • What drives to study abroad?

    • Why Study Abroad? Self Sustainability.

    • Career (education) Counseling Importance and Significance

    • For Whom is this course meant For?

    • What you can do after course completion?

    • What we will cover in this course?

    • Why a good consultant is needed?

    • Advantages with Paid Consultants

    • Advantages of Consultants tied of with universities

    • Test your Learning on "About this Course"

  • 4

    Education Counseling is a professional career.

    • Education Counselor

    • Origin of Educational Counselling

    • Role of Educational Counselor

    • Choice of Counselor

    • The relationship with the counselor

    • Role of India in Global Education

    • Role of Student Mobility

    • Test Your Learning on "Educational counseling is a professional career."

  • 5

    Prospect Analysis

    • Before transforming yourself as a counselor

    • Student Analysis

    • Understanding the academic performance

    • Work experience

    • Extra curricular activities

    • Test Your Learning on "Prospect Analysis"

  • 6

    Guidance and Decision making support

    • Academic and Financial Advice

    • Financials and Budget

    • Which Country and Location?

    • Selecting a University

    • Choice of Subject

    • Test Your Learning On "Guidance and Decision making support"

  • 7

    Statement of Purpose

    • Statement of Purpose needs every body attention why?

    • Purpose Let us understand this first

    • What does purpose means for students?

    • Statement of Purpose

    • Quick Notes (to student to prepare SOP) :

    • Test Your Learning On "Statement of Purpose"

  • 8

    Documentation and Process

    • Paperwork and Document Consolidation

    • Acquiring Passport

    • Acquiring International driving license

    • Sealed Transcripts from School/University

    • Letter of Reference (LOR)

    • Employment

    • Resume and CV

    • Financial Guidance

    • Admission and Scholarship Essays

    • Test Your Learning on "Documentation and Process"

  • 9

    Qualifying tests and preparation

    • Another important area is that of testing Pre examinations for admission

    • Test Preparation

    • The various tests and Test Preparation Guidance

    • Test Your Learning on "Qualifying tests and preparation"

  • 10


    • The Application

    • How To Shortlist Universities to Apply?

    • Applying for admission

    • Application Support and Interview Guidance

    • Visa Guidelines

    • Visa Interview Preparation

    • Test your learning on "Admission"

  • 11


    • Case studies are analyzing live problems and providing feasible solutions.

    • Case Study 1. Ms. Ankitha Case study United Kingdom - Coventry University - Mater's in Applied Communications.

    • Ankitha Stage 1 Short Listing the Universities

    • Ankitha stage 2 Admission Requirements Fulfillment IELTS

    • Ankitha Stage 3 Scholarships

    • Ankitha Stage 4 SOP and LOR

    • Ankitha Stage 5 Graduation Transcripts

    • Ankitha Stage 6 Deciding on which university to join and CAS letter.

    • Ankitha Stage 7 Planning Travel and booking to show to Visa officer

    • Ankitha Stage 8 Appointment for visa interview.

    • Ankitha Stage 9 Visa Interview

    • Ankitha Stage 10 Joined Coventry University - Master's in Applied Communications.

    • Ankitha Stage 11 Further Education planning

    • Ankitha Stage 12 My interest in Anthropology

    • Ankitha Stage 13 Resource Management for future studies.

    • Ankitha Stage 14 Next Step to prepare for admission efforts for research

    • Ankitha Stage 15 Successful of creating three PhD offers. Don't go for unfunded research choices.

    • Case Study 2. Mr. Gopi Case Study - University of Michigan Dearborn -USA

    • Gopi Stage 1 - Dreaming, Early planning and Right guidance

    • Gopi Stage 2 The Subject of Interest and research

    • Gopi Stage 3 where I will get the best education?

    • Gopi Stage 4 Requirements to get admission - Don't wait till last minute.

    • Gopi Stage 5 - the key for admission SOP - Take your time and chisel it.

    • Gopi Stage 6 - You got admissions, then which you will prefer? and how you will reach there and start your life in a new place.

    • Gopi Stage 7 -Like LIC symbol get into right hands, don't land up at wrong place it is your life time decision. The way Confluence works.

  • 12

    Case study - Your destiny Who decides?

    • Study in the USA steps for undergraduates and challenges? is Siddh Veer Bakshi

    • My University Application Story – Nidhi Sachidananda

  • 13


    • References

  • 14


    • Glossary

  • 15

    Certificate Assignment

    • Reading Assignment for Counselor for a given candidate to understand what he has to know before taking up counseling.

    • Written Assignment after reading the Civil Engineering Counseling info

  • 16

    At the end of the Process Once student admitted.

    • Check Your knowledge - Write Admission cycle steps.

    • Admission Cycle

    • Case Study Questionnaire

    • Your feedback and review

    • Final Written Assignment

  • 17

    Start your own Consultancy or Start working as a counselor

    • The Motivation and Satisfaction

    • Advantages of Opening Up an Overseas Education Consultancy.

    • How to Start an Overseas Education Consultancy?

    • Master Necessary Skills

    • Create a Business Plan

    • Get the Legal Requirements & Permits Done

    • Connect with Universities

    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Congratulations